Safire Device Monitor
15 febrero, 2018
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Safire EasyView

Video Software

● Easy to use and intuitive user interface
● Multi-vendor support
● Supports a wide range of devices, from IP cameras to DVRs and NVRs
● Access to live streams and recorded video
● Supports P2P-enabled devices

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Safire EasyView is the videosurveillance app you need. With this convenient app, you will be able to watch all of your security recorders and video cameras. Get access to your surveillance system anywhere easily from your iPhone or iPad
Forget about crowded menus full of strange settings with its simple and intuitive interface. Safire EasyView has been carefully designed to deliver an experience that even the less tech-savvy users will enjoy.

Easily add your devices using an IP address. Save connection details for every recorder and camera.

With its seamless support for devices manufactured by the most important surveillance vendors in the market, Safire EasyView is the only app you will need to access them all.